We’re always looking for contributions of unique points of view and experiences from people of all stripes across the former Soviet immigrant spectrum, on a vast variety of rotating themes. The goal of the site is discussion and sharing of different perspectives.  Our vision is  a space for Americans with Soviet roots to share our lives, our experiences, and our culture, both with our own community, and with American society at large.

Submissions should be:

  1. 500 words or less – we want to give readers a glimpse and offer room for more discussion
  2. Offer a personal perspective – No need to write in the first person or use specific names, but it should be generally based on real events that have happened in your life.
  3. Think of it as a creative writing prompt…feel free to be as expressive as you like, but just remember it will be published under your (first) name online. 
  4. In a Word document, or editable, linked Google document. Other media are generally not accepted but we’ll consider other formats (comics, poems, etc.) based on the format and theme.
  5. Include a potential title and art from WikiArt.

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